January 2020 Roster: RESERVE

I can’t believe it is January already which means another month of flying! This time though, I don’t know exactly where I will be. For the entire month of January, I am on ‘reserve’ which means I do not have a roster and instead will find out the night before.

Everyone in the company gets a reserve month, normally once every year and a half/two years. It is basically a way for the company to manage the crew to ensure there are always enough people for every flight – for example, if someone calls sick, if a flight changes etc.

Strangely, I’m really quite excited about this month as I have no idea where I could end up, and I love the spontaneity of it all.

I will be updating my roster every couple of days. Here are the first few days of January so far…

Day 1 – Standby 1pm-5pm (I was not called out for any flight – phew!)
Day 2 – Day off
Day 3 – Day off
Day 4 – Rest day
Day 5 – Toronto, Canada
Day 6 – Toronto, Canada
Day 7 – Toronto, Canada
Day 8 – Day off
Day 9 – Day off
Day 10 – Day off
Day 11 – Day off
Day 12 – Dhaka, Bangladesh (Turnaround *DEADHEADING*)
Day 13 – Dhaka, Bangladesh (Turnaround)
Day 14 – Day off
Day 15 – Day off
Day 16 – San Francisco, USA
Day 17 – San Francisco, USA
Day 18 – San Francisco, USA
Day 19 – San Francisco, USA
Day 20 – Day off
Day 21 – Day off
Day 22 – Day off
Day 23 – Day off
Day 24 – Standby 9pm-5am
Day 25 – New York, USA
Day 26 – New York, USA
Day 27 – New York, USA
Day 28 – Day off
Day 29 – Day off
Day 30 – Rest Day
Day 31 – Lahore, Pakistan (Turnaround)

**UPDATE – My reserve month has now officially finished and I have updated my full roster above to show how it went – pretty well I think! I only had three layovers and two turnarounds (well half of one as I was deadheading to Bangladesh!). I had soooo many days off which was AMAZING! On average, we normally only have 8 days off in a month, so I was very lucky with 14 days off!!! It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I am definitely looking forward to having a roster next month and knowing where I’m going!**

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

4 thoughts on “January 2020 Roster: RESERVE

    1. Hello Treb, thanks for your comment. I would only get my basic salary if I don’t get pulled out for a flight. Flying pay starts as soon as the aircraft moves!😊


  1. Hi Kerry,
    I just love your blog for its amazing pic. During your reserve days, hope you will still get paid. I understand, longer the flight, the more the allowance you get paid. Being on reserve, does it hurt you in terms of allowances? – xx


    1. Thank you so much Larissa! It is my first month on reserve so it’s all very new to me but yes, I think I will definitely have less flying hours as I’ve had quite a few days off so far. To be honest, I don’t mind at all and I am very much enjoying having less flights and more days off!! 🙂


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