September 2019 Roster

The September roster is out which means I will be heading to the following places next month…

Kochi, India (Layover)
Birmingham, UK (Layover)
Bahrain (Turnaround)
Medina, Saudi Arabia (Turnaround)
Islamabad, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Athens, Greece – Newark, New Jersey (Multi-sector)

So a little bit disappointing with flights, however, I am going on annual leave for 12 days in the middle so I am really looking forward to that. It will be the first proper holiday for Mamdouh and I and we are thinking of going to Miami/Mexico so I cannot wait for that!

The rest of the month is pretty much turnarounds, however, I’m very pleased with the Greece/New Jersey trip at the end of the month. I’ve wanted to visit Athens for a long time and my best friend Becky lives in New Jersey so I will definitely be visiting her. I would also love to do the ‘open door helicopter ride over New York’ which you can get from New Jersey so fingers crossed I will get that booked!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

6 thoughts on “September 2019 Roster

  1. Waiting to see helicopters picture in New Jersey. And you talking selfi with the sky. Nice roster and enjoy your leave.


  2. Nice roster! Also glad about your future vacations Miami and Mexico sounds 2 both beautiful destinations…hard to choose…
    Fingers crossed for the helicopter. Can’t wait to see the pictures!!


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