Chennai, India

Another India layover for me, this time to Chennai! I definitely could get used to a layover every flight to India, they are much better than the turnarounds which are so exhausting! We landed into Chennai International airport at 8am and then drove to our beautiful hotel. I was so impressed at the room!

Bathroom goals!


I didn’t have any plans for the layover which was a shame as I didn’t do much on my last India layover to Trivandrum either! However, I was excited to sleep and catch up on some TV so I didn’t mind too much. I watched a few episodes of Love Island, and then managed to sleep right up until 7pm!

Love Island – The best!

I woke up having missed dinner with the crew so I decided to order some room service. I then thought I would try out the gorgeous bath so I ran myself a nice hot bath and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in bed! Perfect night in.



Film in bed

I then somehow slept even more, right up until the next morning. The wake up call was slightly delayed because of the aircraft arriving late from Dubai so that meant we got extra time in bed! We left the hotel around 8am and drove through the early morning traffic back to Chennai airport.

Goodbye Chennai

It wasn’t a very exciting layover, and it is the first time in almost 10 months of flying that I did not leave the hotel room! It was very, very relaxing though and despite not going out, I did have a lovely time!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

2 thoughts on “Chennai, India

  1. What a lovely blog! You have to expolore India at least in Calcutta, haha. Lots of love from the Czech Republic! :3


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