Madrid, Spain

I was originally supposed to be flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka but then a couple of weeks ago the flight was removed from my roster and I was given reserve. Then the night before, it changed to Madrid. It was a very nice surprise as I have never been there before so I was very happy with the change!

We left Dubai in the afternoon and then reached Madrid around 8pm – perfect timing as all I wanted to do was get into bed and watch the new series of Love Island.

Love Island + room service = PERFECT!

The next morning, a group of us had arranged to have breakfast together and then head into the city. Some of the Spanish crew on the flight told us that the breakfast in the hotel was amazing and not to be missed – they weren’t wrong! It was definitely the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen and only for 6 euros! You could make your own pancakes, cycle for your smoothie and eat football themed desserts – soo good!


Pancake maker


Smoothie bike!


We took the shuttle bus to the nearest metro station and then got the metro into the city centre. A lot of us wanted to do shopping so we all split up and then agreed to meet up later on. I started by walking down Gran Vía and having a look in the shops.

To the city
Gran Vía

Everyone always talks about how cheap the Zara is in Spain so I was excited to have a look and also in the other Spanish brands such as Mango and Stradivarius, however the stores were just so big and I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping so I ended up getting nothing!



Four storey Primark

Instead, I walked to the Royal Palace of Madrid which was beautiful and the weather was also really lovely.

Royal Palace of Madrid


I then carried walking around the city through lots of pretty Spanish streets and then got myself some lunch near Callao Square. I also bought myself a beautiful embroidered pillow case in a small little shop I found which was handmade by a local village nearby.



My fave – Pastel de nata!


New pillow case!

I met up with the rest of the group and then we made our way back to the hotel on the metro. Our pick up wasn’t until 8pm but as it was a night flight, we all wanted to get a few hours sleep before. I had a quick snack and then slept right up until the wake up call!


I had a really nice time in Madrid and loved walking around the city. Although I didn’t see much, it was a really relaxing layover and I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back here again to do more sightseeing in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


4 thoughts on “Madrid, Spain

  1. It seems this city full of a good shopping mall. And have a nice outfits. I love this post thanks kerry for keep us updates with every city you go.


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