London, UK

I have been on annual leave for the past week, back home in London and spending time with family, but I thought I would write a blog post on one of the days out we had. I stayed at my sisters flat with my nephew and the next morning, we decided to have a day in central London seeing the sights. I rarely do any touristy things in London, so it made a nice change!

We got the train to London Victoria and then walked along to Westminster where we stopped off at this lovely little park.

Cara, Hadley and I
Like butter wouldn’t melt!

We carried on walking towards Westminster and then stopped off on the Green nearby to take some pictures! It was a nice warm day, and as it was bank holiday, it wasn’t too crowded with tourists.

And again
Me and Hadz
Cara and Hadz

We then spotted the red telephone boxes so we thought we’d be the typical tourists and take some photos inside!


From here, we walked to St. James’s park which I love as I used to work very close by and I would always come over on my lunch break and find a spot to sit and eat. We wandered around for a little while, but then Hadley found out there wasn’t any climbing frames so we left and headed towards Trafalgar square in search for the great big lions!!

St. James’s Park
Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square

What we didn’t realise was just how big the lions are. We was planning to get on top of them and take some funny pictures but they were absolutely massive and there was no way me or Cara could’ve climbed up on one!


What a poser!

We watched some of the street performers in Trafalgar Square and then Hadley met his idol – Pikachu!

“Hadley Kerry Mummy are the best”

We’d done so much walking at this point but we really wanted to go to Covent Garden so we carried on until we reached it. We then treated ourselves with a Nutella and banana crêpe from ‘Crème de la Crêpe’. It was delicious and the perfect end to the day!



Crème de la Crêpe

It was then time to get the train back home as the next day, I was heading to Berlin for a mini city break with my Mum. (Berlin blog post coming soon!). We had the nicest day in London – poor old Hadley did very well with all the walking! It was great doing something a bit different and coming into Central London, as the majority of my leave was spent at home or at my sisters! I never get sick of London and now that the weather is warming up, it is such a nice city to explore.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


2 thoughts on “London, UK

  1. I am the first one to comments. Such a cute family. I hope you enjoyed your time with them. Greeting to them


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