Frankfurt, Germany

I had a last minute swap on my roster to Frankfurt which I didn’t mind at all as I always enjoy doing German flights. We departed Dubai at 9am and arrived in a very sunny Frankfurt at 1:30pm.

I visited Frankfurt in December and went into the city to see the Christmas markets so this time I wasn’t too bothered about going into the main city, however, the weather was so nice, I decided to explore the city near the hotel – Offenbach am Main.

Hotel room
Gorgeous weather

I walked into the city and headed to the main shopping area. I didn’t need to buy anything in particular, so I just wandered around and got some lunch from KFC. The area wasn’t the best, in fact it really reminded me of a place near by home in London called Woolwich (if you know, you know!), so I wasn’t keen on staying for long.

Offenbach am Main
Offenbach am Main

I decided to leave sharpish but quickly went into TK Maxx as I decided to buy myself a hair mask and then go back to the hotel and pamper myself! There wasn’t much else to do so I thought I’d pass the time by doing that!

Hair mask
So glam!

The rest of the evening, I just caught up with The Only Way is Essex TV show and then had an early night. The next morning, I ordered some breakfast to the room, and then before I knew it, the phone was ringing to tell me that I had 1 hour until the pick up!


Not a very exciting layover this time, and I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not, but some layovers are more quiet than others!

I didn’t mind though as I have a very special layover coming up next… I am heading back to OSAKA, JAPAN! Japan has got to be one of the most amazing places I have ever visited so I’m really looking forward to going back.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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